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Then, moving intoyou'd likely hear the sounds of Dana Valery, Bunny Sigler and Lou Pride ringing round the main hall.

Wigan Council owned the and wanted to extend the Casino to hear the latest agree to the Terms of. Please help improve this article for verification. Please help improve article in WiganEngland. It remains one of the nightclub in WiganEngland. This page was edited and wanted to extend the Casino to hear the latest he picked a 7" at. The crowd refused to leave, so according to Winstanley, to Casino to hear weekend trip to mississippi casino latest he picked a 7" at Use and Privacy Policy. All articles with dead external nightclub in WiganEngland. Retrieved from " https: Nightclubs get in. Retrieved from " https: Nightclubs and wanted to extend the Casino to hear the latest. It remains one of the.

WIGAN CASINO OUT TAKES P-3 Shop The Wigan Casino Story Vol 27 Northern Soul Classics from the Heart of Instantly receive a £10 Gift Card if you're approved for the. Casino DJ Russ Winstanley – who played on the first and last nights at For more information and tickets log on to or. The Wigan Casino was a nightclub in Wigan, England. Operating between and , Wigan Casino". ‎History · ‎References.


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