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Gambling ordinance cap 148

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Gambling ordinance cap 148 acapulco+mexico+casino+resorts

Publications as to lotteries Providing money for unlawful gambling or for an unlawful lottery. Responsibility of owners, tenants, etc.

In ordinanxe proceedings under this Ordinance- a it shall not be necessary to prove that the gambling or the lottery involved any money or other property or any wager or stake; b it shall not be a defence to show that any money or other property, or any wager or stake, was not to be collected or was not payable riverrock casino vancouver bc to be delivered until after the gambling or the drawing of the lottery to which such money or other property or the wager or stake related. With the proliferation of offshore betting sites, in particular for football betting, ordniance 8 of the Gambling Ordinance was amended to make it clear that it is an offence to bet in Hong Kong with an unauthorized bookmaker, regardless gambling ordinance cap 148 whether the bookmaker is located in Hong Kong or offshore. The Governor in Council may by regulation provide for- a the manner in which applications for licences shall be made; b the form of applications and licences; c the promotion and conduct of games; and d anything that is to be or may be prescribed. Responsibility of owners, tenants, etc. Historical Laws of Hong Kong Online. For those interested in understanding more about gambling offences and who wish to seek legal assistance in the event of a police investigation, please contact: Two Interpol cross-border operations during the Championships resulted in more than 4, arrests across 11 countries including China, France and Singapore; and crackdowns on certain illegal betting websites gambling ordinance cap 148 call-centres in Asia.

Gambling Ordinance (Cap. ). GAMBLING (AMENDMENT) REGULATION INTRODUCTION. Section 29A of the Interpretation and General Clauses. GAMBLING ORDINANCE CHAPTER CHAPTER GAMBLING ORDINANCE ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS Section Page PART I PRELIMINARY 1. Chapter: PDF, Title: GAMBLING ORDINANCE, Gazette Number: 12 of Section: 7, Heading: Bookmaking, Version Date: 31/05/


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